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What History Tracking Tools Are Available In Lightning Payroll?


Did you know that there are several tools in Lightning Payroll to help you track changes made to your data and files?

Below are some of the main ones:

Change History (Under the upper Tools menu)

The Change History tool records the creation, deletion and modification of many data classes throughout the program. You can track when the program is opened and when an employee's settings are changed. Simply enter the date range of the data change, choose a category, click Print Report and off you go. The change history can be manually deleted/flushed if you wish, since it can take up a fair chunk of your database size which sometimes affects performance.

Change History Example

Direct Entry Entry Saved File Report

This report lets you track information about direct entry files made for payment of wages or super. You can see when and where files were saved, and what payment information (account details, reference numbers, etc.) was in the file.

Machine Credential Information Report

This report scans both the standard ATO keystore directory, and the LP data directory for any valid M2M machine credential keystore (.xml) files, to show all credentials in each file and their metadata.

Backup History Report

The backup history report gives info on all backups created and restored giving a history of database file changes.

Emails Sent Report

This report gives detailed information about emails sent from the program and what settings were used. It can be very useful for troubleshooting your outgoing mail server issues and tracking what emails (payslips, reports, rosters, etc) have been sent, when, and to who.

Created: 2022-06-13 09:15:04

Last Edited: 2022-06-13 09:23:19

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