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What Can Lightning Payroll Do?


Entering time sheets for casual and permanent employees can be complex because of the variable number of hours worked. Lightning Payroll makes calculating time sheets easy. Hours worked are entered into the pay centre and the system calculates the pay, leave and superannuation entitlements for each employee.

Single Touch Payroll

  • Lodge New/Pay events, Update events and even Adjust events for complete control over STP.
  • Send your STP data directly to the ATO from within Lightning Payroll.
  • Receive messages from the ATO directly to your own personal STP mailbox.
  • Connect to the ATO Pay Event Recon service to view STP submission history from an ATO perspective.

Free Tech Support

  • Free phone and email support.
  • Updates and upgrades included.
  • Youtube tutorials and vast online support documentation.
  • Many built-in tools, repair utilities and calculators.

Workforce Management

  • Create tailored shifts, and assign specific pay rates and allowances.
  • Our employee portal lets staff update their personal details, access payslips, create leave requests and much more.
  • Create auto-generating rosters.
  • Record precise hours worked using the free Android Timeclock App.

Custom Reporting

  • Create custom pay reports.
  • Create custom employee reports.
  • Group custom reports by department for advanced analysis.
  • Export all reports to easy to share spreadsheets.

Backup Your Data

  • Don't lose all your hard work - automatically backs up files.
  • Auto backups can be scheduled to save to folders on shutdown.
  • Lightning Payroll can backup online using our secure cloud server.
  • Online backups can be shared across multiple computers.

Simple Interface With Flexible Options

  • Multiple allowances per employee.
  • Multiple deductions per employee.
  • Add multiple user-defined pay rates.
  • Company wide pay rates and allowances available.
  • Split each employee's pay into multiple bank accounts.

Automatic Calculations

  • Sick, holiday & long service leave calculators, and other leave tools.
  • STSL (HELP/SFSS) payments.
  • Termination payouts.
  • Salary sacrificing.

Easy To Export

  • Export ABA file for bulk banking.
  • Create custom employee/pay reports.
  • Export reports to CSV/spreadsheet.

Manage Your Super

  • Easy entry and sending of your super fund deposits.
  • Create numerous superannuation reports and message funds directly.
  • Connect to the ATO Super Stapling Service to import employee super fund information.