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Explore our partnership opportunities through our referrer and reseller programs, tailored to enhance our collaboration and mutual growth.

For bespoke needs, including custom import/export integration and development for accounting software, please get in touch.

Referrer Program

Earn Rewards by Referring

Refer friends or colleagues to our software and earn rewards from their purchases.

Standard Referrer

(Available to all customers)

Earn a $150 credit against your future subscriptions for each referral who goes on to purchase an annual subscription from us.

See our FAQ on our standard referral program here.

Premium Referrer

(Available to approved premium partners)

Become a premium referrer by referring a larger number of paying customers. You'll earn a percentage of each of your referred users' ongoing renewals, in addition to the standard $150 referral sign-up credit.

Reseller Program

Enhanced Reseller Benefits

Approved resellers receive 50% off each initial customer's first subscription, alongside other perks.




1 - 5 total employees

(Normally $279 p/yr)




6 - 30 total employees

(Normally $499 p/yr)




31 - 75 total employees

(Normally $899 p/yr)



Unlimited total employees

(Normally $1499 p/yr)

Besides the employee limitation, all packages are identical and offer an unlimited number of companies that a user can process payroll for. Lightning payroll includes STP phase 2 and gold standard SuperStream functionality. Our Australian support team is able to field any questions or solve any problems with the software so your sales/support team can always defer to us or mediate between the client and our support reps if they prefer.

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