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Case Study

Have You Herd?

Booroomooka Angus's Journey with Lightning Payroll

In the sprawling Australian outback, where the red earth stretches as far as the eye can see, lies Booroomooka Angus - a beacon of generational heritage and agricultural excellence. For over 150 years, this family-run enterprise has been at the forefront of Australia's cattle industry, boasting one of the largest self-replacing herds in the country.

However, amidst the rugged beauty of their expansive ranch, Booroomooka Angus faced the modern challenges of payroll management and compliance. Michele Bowrey, their Payroll Officer, recalls the days of wrestling with spreadsheets and ledger books to keep track of finances and payroll – a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Enter Lightning Payroll - a transformative solution that helped to revolutionize Booroomooka Angus's operations. In 2016, they made the leap to Lightning Payroll, seeking better record-keeping, streamlined reporting, and enhanced compliance with regulatory requirements like BAS. Little did they know, this decision would herald a new era of efficiency and peace of mind.

Michele reflects on the impact of Lightning Payroll, "It's been a game-changer for us. The transition was seamless, and the benefits were immediate. With Lightning Payroll, we've bid farewell to the days of manual data entry and cumbersome paperwork. Now, we can focus on what truly matters – the well-being of our cattle and the success of our business."

One of the key features that sets Lightning Payroll apart is its adaptability to Booroomooka Angus's unique circumstances. Operating as two separate entities, each requiring a payroll solution that could accommodate their complex structure, including seasonal and oversees workers. Lightning Payroll rose to the challenge, providing separate portals for each entity while maintaining accessibility and ease of use.

Being situated in a remote location, connectivity has historically posed a challenge for Booroomooka Angus. However, Lightning Payroll's offline capabilities proved to be a lifeline during critical periods. Michele recounts, "Out here in the outback, where internet access is a luxury, Lightning Payroll works on or offline, ensuring that payroll operations continued smoothly regardless of connectivity issues."

The support team at Lightning Payroll has been instrumental in Booroomooka Angus's journey. Michele praises their responsiveness and patience, particularly with their owner, Hugh, who, at over 80 years old, navigated the transition with grace thanks to the team's unwavering support. Michele recounts of their service levels through critical times, “"The support team is fabulous! Super responsive and always friendly. Plus the help menu and YouTube tutorials within the platform are extremely helpful too.”

As Booroomooka Angus continues to thrive, Lightning Payroll remains a trusted partner, empowering them to navigate the complexities of employment terms and regulations effortlessly. From STP rollout to managing super changes, Lightning Payroll covers every aspect, providing confidence and peace of mind that Booroomooka Angus is compliant and up-to-date.

Lightning Payroll is proud to support so many wonderful and diverse Australian businesses with all of their payroll and tax compliance needs. If your business needs Lightning-fast payroll, compliance peace of mind and the dedicated support from a team of experts, you need Lightning Payroll.

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