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Version 2020.1.5p6 Released

Please click Check for Updates Now? at the bottom of your screen to install the latest version of Lightning Payroll which includes all confirmed 2020 tax table changes and new STP features.

- 19/09/2019

2020 Tax Tables Update from the ATO

The ATO has announced updated information regarding the 2020 withholding tax tables.

"The Federal Budget did not result in any changes to tax rates or income thresholds for 2019-20 income year. Changes announced to the low and middle income tax offset were only in respect of the amount of that offset, and that is claimable when individuals lodge their income tax return.

The HELP/SSL/TSL tax tables will be renamed ‘Study and training support loans tax tables’. They will incorporate HELP, VSL, SFSS, SSL, ABSTUDY SSL and TSL. There will no longer be separate SFSS tax tables. These changes arise from the passing of the Sustainability and VSL Separation Bills in 2018. You will need to refer to the applicable ‘Study and training support loans tax table’ wherever any existing tax tables refer to HELP/SSL/TSL or SFSS tax tables.

Therefore, only Schedule 8 – Statement of formulas for calculating study and training support loans components (NAT 3539) and study and training support loans weekly, fortnightly and monthly tax tables will be updated for the 2019–20 year."

Lightning Payroll version 2020.1.1 or higher already contains these Study and training support loans tax tables. Please ensure your version is up to date so that these changes can apply.

In line with what is mentioned in the ATO's advice above there are no standard tax table changes to be applied to Lightning Payroll in this new financial year.

- 18/07/2019

Lightning Payroll Version 2019.1.3p9 Released.

Version 2019.1.3p9 has now been released. This version includes new features such as birthday reminders, roster summaries (on edit pay screen) and company logos (Windows versions only). Please open your Lightning Payroll and click 'Check for Updates Now?' at the bottom of your program window to update your software.

- 06/06/2019

New Features

  • A powerful new retrospective pay editing tool has been added for quick bulk-editing of department % allocations and some allowance/deduction settings.
  • Names for system leave types such as 'Holiday' and 'Sick' can now be customised under the Settings screen.
  • Automatically set protected earnings amount for child support deductions.
  • New Net Balancing Report for tracking amounts from A - Z under Reports >> Pay.
  • Warning added for outdated operating systems to be unsupported later in 2019.
  • Option for many reports and widgets to display time durations in decimal or days, hours, minutes and seconds.
  • New leave forecasting approximation report.
  • Customisable decimal precision in several reports.
  • Super fund deposits now have an option to collect pay super by pay processed date.
  • Improved Single Touch Payroll warnings and error messaging.
  • Calendar tool button has been moved to the lower toolbar for more vertical window space.
  • New Direct Entry Report has been added. This shows what banking files have been created and when.
  • New Emails Sent Report has been added. This shows metadata about what emails have been sent and when.
  • Confirmation warning has been added to the leave balance calculators to help prevent accidental leave adjustments.
  • Payslips will now retain past employee and company information which has been changed.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

- 10/04/2019

Website Update

New current support issues and latest news pages have been added to the support area.

- 05/04/2019

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