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Why Can't I Open Lightning Payroll?
If you cannot open the program or receive an error such as the following 'failed to execute script payroll' when trying to open Lightning Payroll, you can resolve this by restarting your computer and reinstalling the program. This solution is fairly ... (Click for more)
Why Does Lightning Payroll Say My Version Is Up To Date When It Is Not?
If your Windows computer is not kept up-to-date with the latest updates you may encounter an issue with Lightning Payroll's automatic updates. This is due to older Windows systems using outdated root certificates, used for HTTPS/SSL web traffic. Our ... (Click for more)
Why is Lightning Payroll Not Displaying Correctly?
If you are using a Windows device with an ultra-high resolution screen (e.g Microsoft Surface) or monitor you may experience display issues with Lightning Payroll, we have found the following solution to be quite helpful: Right click on the Lightn... (Click for more)
'Database is at a Newer Version' Error?
This error usually occurs when restoring a new backup into an older version of the software Please download and reinstall from the appropriate link below to fix the error. Download for Windows (Windows 8.1 and above) Download for Mac OSX (Version... (Click for more)
Why is Lightning Payroll Showing A Blank Preview And Not Opening?
If Lightning is showing a blank screen on Windows, it may have been dragged outside of the monitor bounds. To fix this issue, please click the blank Lightning Payroll preview window in your taskbar, then press Fn + F11 or Windows logo key&n... (Click for more)
What Does 'Failed to execute script payroll' Mean?
If Lightning Payroll says 'Failed to execute script payroll', then the program has been reinstalled while it was still running in the background. To fix this error, please restart your computer, then reinstall the program again using the appropria... (Click for more)
Why Am I Getting An Error After Agreeing To The Update?
If you are encountering an 'Access is denied' error like the one shown below when updating, it is caused by a false positive or false alarm in your security software. Some security applications, particularly Trend Micro or Symantec can prevent Lightn... (Click for more)
Why Are Emails Not Being Received, Or Being Rejected?
If emails sent from Lightning Payroll are being rejected or marked as spam, this is outside of our control. Gmail/Google in particular have very strict anti spam and anti spoofing practices (that can change at any time) which can result in rejection ... (Click for more)
Why Has Lightning Payroll been Quarantined by Anti-Virus?
Sometimes Lightning Payroll may be attacked or misclassified as spyware by your security software. This can happen and is known as a false positive. We build and publish the program with the highest standard of code signing available. That's all tha... (Click for more)
Why Can't I Put My Licence On Another Computer?
Any annual Lightning Payroll subscription allows you to unlock and use the program on two computers at any one time. This limit is fixed per subscription and is not able to be raised. If Lightning Payroll is giving you either of the following errors... (Click for more)
Why Am I Getting A Database Load Error?
If you encounter an error opening the program about being 'unable to connect to the database' or 'unable to load the database' it is often fixed by following the steps below: 1) Please download and run our small utility program to tidy your Lightnin... (Click for more)
Why Can't I Open the Installer File I Have Just Downloaded?
If you have downloaded the program and see the warning Windows has protected your PC this is a false alarm which can happen from time to time as we are required to renew security certificates used to codesign Lightning Payroll. This warning goes away... (Click for more)
How Do I Contact Your Support Team?
Our support team can be reached on 07 3051 5895 or by email at from 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday (QLD Time, excluding public holidays).... (Click for more)
Why is an Employee 'Locked'?
If you are trying to edit a past pay in the Pays screen, these are usually locked/unlocked using the padlock button at the bottom of the edit pay window. If however, you ever see one or more employees listed as Locked under Employees, it is usually ... (Click for more)
Why Might I Be Getting Email Errors?
There are a number of reasons why you might be receiving email errors. We recommend you go to Company > Email and click Send a test email to help diagnose the problem. Most email errors (such as a socket error) are due to incorrect or missing S... (Click for more)
How Can I Setup the Online Employee Portal?
The online employee portal allows employees to add or adjust their contact and bank account details, request leave, submit time sheets and clock in and out of available shifts independently using the timeclock. For leave requests please see our othe... (Click for more)
How Do I Use the Lightning Payroll Timeclock App?
Lightning Payroll includes a mobile Timeclock app for Android devices (Android version 4.4 and above) which can provide a way for you to precisely record when employees start and finish work. All hours and shifts recorded in the Lighting Payroll app ... (Click for more)
Why Are Employee Details or Bank Account Changes Not Saving?
If you have edited an employee's address or personal details and they seem to not be saving or keep changing back then you may need to refresh their employee portal.In cases when you have activated the employee portal settings, and in particular, hav... (Click for more)
How Do My Employees' View Their Payslips From Their iPhone?
For Employees’ who are trying to Save/View their Payslips on an Apple (iOS) mobile device, these instructions can be followed: 1. Login here or login using the Employee Login on our website. 2. Press Payslips once you have logged into the Emp... (Click for more)
How And When Does Lightning Payroll Communicate With The Employee Portal?
The Lightning Payroll desktop app communicates with our online employee portal and timeclock information via this website. It does so in a number of ways: Lightning Payroll -> Portal Example: New shifts, details, bank accounts and settings infor... (Click for more)
Why Is An Employee's Shift Not Syncing?
Sometimes you might sync an employee's shift from the timeclock or portal yet their pending pay is still unaffected, or remains at $0.00. This is most likely to the shift itself not having any pay items (pay rates or allowances) connected to it. Plea... (Click for more)
How Can I Add An Allowance To A Shift?
You can add an allowance and change a pay rate applicable to any individual employee's shift under Employees >> Shifts. If the desired shift is not visible please connect the base shift to the employee under Company >> Shifts.An allowance... (Click for more)
Can Casual Employees Make Leave Requests?
Yes, any portal-activated employee can be included in leave requests. This can be useful when tracking unpaid leave or long service for example. Simply activate them like any other employee, as described here.... (Click for more)
How Can I Provide Payslips To Employees Online?
You can now allow employees to access their payslips themselves via our Lightning Payroll online employee portal. Below is a demo of how this can be set up. To activate payslips for an employee, go into Employees >> Details >> Online Por... (Click for more)
Why Isn't An Employee Appearing In The Timeclock or Portal?
If you have an employee who is not appearing in the timeclock or online portal, it is likely due to one of the following reasons: Refresh is required. If you use the timeclock app, refresh under Company >> Timeclock Devices >> Send ... (Click for more)
Why Am I Getting A Timeclock Server Connection Error?
Some Android Timeclock users are encountering errors when connecting to our server since late September 2021. This is fixed by updating your Android version higher than Android version 7.1. The issue is due to an expiring certificate within Android, ... (Click for more)
How Do Employees Use Timesheets in the Online Portal?
Please note, that in order for your employees to use timesheets, you will need to first ensure they are set up in the Online Portal with timesheets enabled. Please see our FAQ here on setting up Online Portal. You will then need to set up shifts, ple... (Click for more)
What Generates An Employee Portal Account and Email?
When activating the online employee portal for the first time an employee will be notified by email of their username and password. To trigger the email make sure to first activate the employee with the tickbox and then click Refresh Employee Portal... (Click for more)
How Can I Withhold Extra Tax For An Employee?
Below is how you can withhold additional tax for an employee. Go to Employees >> Tax Rates >> Tax Settings >> Upwards Variation and enter the amount per pay period for the tax to be increased. The regular tax amount will be withhel... (Click for more)
Can An Employee Make Repayments to Study or Training Support Loans in Lightning Payroll?
In Lightning Payroll, the software automatically calculates and manages Study or Training Support Loans (STSL) based on employees' income. You cannot manually adjust this in Lightning Payroll. The ATO will perform its own calculations using your empl... (Click for more)
What Do I Do If My Employee Doesn't Have a Tax File Number?
If your employee does not have a Tax File Number (TFN) or has not yet provided you with one, there are a number of general TFNs that can be utilised in Lightning Payroll. The ATO provides a list of general TFNs here and you can choose which one to u... (Click for more)
Can I Submit TFN Declarations in Lightning Payroll?
TFN Declarations do need to be completed by your employees, however, they do not need to be physically sent into the ATO any longer, since Single Touch Payroll reports all of the relevant tax coding to the ATO with each submission. Make sure to confi... (Click for more)
How Are Termination Tax Amounts Calculated?
When terminating an employee, the ATO uses the Unused Leave on Termination Tax Table when determining the amount of tax to take from their termination pay out. There are many tax formulas and calculations that are running side-by-side when determini... (Click for more)
How Do I Set Up Tax for Employees on a Working Holiday?
From 1 January 2017 employers will need to register with the ATO to be able to tax staff using the working holiday tax table rates. Once your company has registered you will be able to apply the working holiday tax scale to applicable employees withi... (Click for more)
How Do I Update To The Latest Tax Tables?
Lightning Payroll has the ability to calculate tax on pays from the 2013 financial year through to the current financial year. Each June we release an update which includes any tax changes for the approaching financial year. The best way to tell tha... (Click for more)
Why is Lightning Payroll Calculating So Much Tax for One Employee?
The most common reason why an employee is being overtaxed is an incorrect Tax File Number. Lightning Payroll uses an Australian Tax File Number validation system which is checked in real-time by simply entering a TFN into an employee’s Tax Rate... (Click for more)
How Can I Enter Employee Reportable Fringe Benefits?
If you would like to enter Reportable Fringe Benefits for an employee, you can do this in Employees >> Tax Rates >> Reportable Fringe Benefits. To add in benefits for a particular financial year, click the pencil icon on the right hand s... (Click for more)
Where Do I Enable HECS/HELP/TSL?
To enable HECS, HELP or TSL withholding for an employee you need to go into the Employees >> Tax Rates screen and tick the appropriate box beside that employee's name.... (Click for more)
How Do I Use the Stapled Super Fund Lookup Feature in Lightning Payroll?
In our ongoing effort to provide you with comprehensive payroll solutions, we've integrated the ability to directly look up your employees' stapled super funds within Lightning Payroll. You can access this feature under the Company tab, specifically ... (Click for more)
How Can I Resend SuperStream Messages when the Super Fund/s are Holding the Deposited Funds?
Sometimes you may need to resend the accompanying SuperStream messages for Super Fund deposits that you have already made. This may be due to the messages failing or otherwise not being received by the Super Fund. To resend messages for deposits you... (Click for more)
How Can I Resend SuperStream Messages and Super Deposits when the Super Fund/s have Returned the Money to my Account?
Sometimes, one or more super funds may not be able to match funds you sent to the relevant member. In this situation, once you have received the money back, you will need to send a new message for the deposit and transfer the money again. To do this... (Click for more)
How Do I Add a Super Fund to Lightning Payroll?
Connect An Employee To An Existing Super Fund Existing superannuation funds can be connected to your employees under Employees >> Super >> Superannuation Fund and click on the green plus. Clicking the pencil will allow you to edit an exi... (Click for more)
Is Annual Leave Loading Considered Ordinary Time Earnings?
The ATO has clarified its position on whether annual leave loading is to be considered ordinary time earnings (OTE), and thus applicable to super guarantee calculations. This categorisation of leave loading as OTE has traditionally been a grey area, ... (Click for more)
Does Lightning Payroll Alert When Paying Above the Concessional Super Cap?
Lightning Payroll can warn you before paying above the super concessional cap, to help employees avoid paying excess tax. From the ATO: "Concessional contributions are made into your super fund before tax, and include: employer contributions, su... (Click for more)
How to Check that You're Setup for Super
To ensure you're completely ready to begin processing super through Lightning Payroll, please ensure the below steps have been followed: Make sure all employees have been linked to a Super Fund: You can link an employee to their chosen fund und... (Click for more)
What are the Due Dates for Super Payments?
The due dates for Superannuation payments can be found here. Usually super needs to be paid by the 28th of the first month following the end of a quarter. ... (Click for more)
How Do Amount and Age Thresholds Work for Super?
Please note that the super amount threshold was discontinued as of 01/07/2022 and is therefore not a consideration for pays processed from this date and beyond. Before you alter your super calculations, be aware that the automatic 10.50% superannua... (Click for more)
Why Has The Super Fund Rejected Or Not Processed My Super Contribution?
Lightning Payroll gives you the ability to control your super and pay directly to any major super fund or SMSF, without the need for a clearing house or 'middleman'. How Should I Be Paying Super In Lightning Payroll? The typical super procedure is ... (Click for more)
How Do I Pay Super in Lightning Payroll?
Superstream is the ATO's superannuation payment standard. Lightning is superstream compliant and allows you to send superstream payment information to Australian super funds. This brief video tutorial demonstrates how to make Superstream compliant s... (Click for more)
How Does Lightning Payroll Handle Compulsory Super Rate Increases?
The compulsory super rate is set to increase at least until the 2027-2028 financial year. Lightning Payroll will automatically increase employee's super rates when completing their first or second July processed pay, if applicable. It will not change... (Click for more)
How Do I Set Up An Employee With Salary Inclusive Of Super?
If an employment contract is established where it gives a salary that is inclusive of super, you must figure out the base salary amount and use this in Lightning Payroll, as super is always calculated separate to any wages or salary, for ATO and supe... (Click for more)
How Can I tell If My Superstream Message Was Sent Correctly?
Below is a great way to find out if your Superstream message was successfully sent: After you have sent your Superstream message/s, go into the Superstream Mailbox. Click Check Respon... (Click for more)
How Can I Delete Unused Super Funds?
You might not be able to delete an unused super fund if it is still connected to an employee or an old deposit, but here's how you can at least make it Inactive and get it out of the way. ... (Click for more)
What Do I Need To Do With New Super Stapling Changes, and 'Your Future, Your Super'?
From the ATO: "From 1 November 2021, where new employees do not choose a super fund, most employers will have to check with the ATO if their employee has an existing super account, known as a 'stapled super fund', to pay the employee's super guarant... (Click for more)
How Do I Check For Superstream Response Messages?
To check for SuperStream message responses go into the Superstream Mailbox located within the Super Fund Deposits area. Click Check Responses and your program will start to download any message updates, or error details. If an error response is de... (Click for more)
How Do I Edit A Super Funds' Details?
If you need to update a super fund as they have provided a new ABN or USI, you should follow the process to Add A New Super Fund, rather than editing an existing super fund, as you want to have an accurate record of the funds and accounts you've sent... (Click for more)
How Can I Register for SuperStream?
If you need to register an additional company for SuperStream, you can do this via the client login portal on our website. Login to the client portal on the top right of the Lightning Payroll website. Once logged in, click on 'SuperStream Registrati... (Click for more)
What is a USI?
The Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) is used in SuperStream to uniquely identify an APRA fund and/or its superannuation product which an employee (member) is contributing to.  These are kind of like a superannuation product code, required... (Click for more)
Why am I Receiving a Failed Validation Error for SuperStream?
If you are attempting to send SuperStream messages and receiving a 'failed validation' error, please check your internet connection. This error is usually caused by an internet connection problem or otherwise a problem on the SuperStream network end... (Click for more)
How Can I Add a Self Managed Super Fund
Adding a self managed super fund into Lightning Payroll can be done in Settings > Super Fund Providers. Click on 'Create Super Fund (SMSF/Manual Entry)' and select 'Self Managed Super Fund' from the Type dropdown. Note: You may need to input an ... (Click for more)
How Do I Get Super Funds' Bank Account Details Into Lightning?
Super funds' individual banking details are brought forth through the SuperStream network using each fund's respective USI. Super funds will no longer give you the bank account details themselves, but rather, will provide you with the USI for the spe... (Click for more)
How Do I Create a Machine Credential?
Machine credentials are what allow your payroll data to be securely sent and verified by the ATO when using Single Touch Payroll. The following FAQ will guide you through the steps to download a machine credential for your business. There is nothing ... (Click for more)
How Can I Send STP Using The Lightning Payroll Web Version?
To send Single Touch Payroll from the Lightning Payroll desktop application you will need an ATO Machine Credential (M2M) file on your computer. Please see our FAQ on creating a machine credential keystore file.To send Single Touch Payroll from the L... (Click for more)
Why Am I Having Problems When Trying to Submit Single Touch Payroll?
Below are the most common Single Touch sending errors you might receive: Failed to collect Authentication Token: If you are receiving this error, you will need to check the following: Check the credential dropdown, for any other credentials for ... (Click for more)
How Do I Get a New Machine Credential On My Second Computer?
If you already have an ATO machine credential file on your PC and need it on a second PC for STP, there are a couple of ways to do this. The first way is to simply copy the credential file and move it to your new PC in two steps using Lightning Payr... (Click for more)
What Is Changing With Single Touch Payroll Phase 2?
In late 2021, Lightning Payroll will be updated (versions 2022.3 and above) to include Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 changes, required to be used by all employers as at January 1st, 2022. These changes are mostly behind the scenes in Lightning Payrol... (Click for more)
How Can I Check the ATO STP Server Status?
Below are the two web addresses used for Single Touch Payroll in Lightning Payroll. ATO SBR2 Cloud shows current server status of their main services. PAYEVNT.0004 is the STP service. If it is red, the service is down. Please try again later. https... (Click for more)
Why Have Centrelink Recorded An Incorrect Pay Amount For An Employee?
There have been situations where Centrelink have received incorrect pay information for employees, via STP Phase 2. This can result in claim payment amounts being paid incorrectly to employees.The most common cause of these errors in missed STP repor... (Click for more)
How Do I Setup JobMaker In Lightning Payroll?
From the ATO: "On 6 October 2020, as part of the 2020–21 Budget, the government announced a new incentive for businesses to employ additional young job seekers called the JobMaker Hiring Credit. The JobMaker Hiring Credit is administered ... (Click for more)
How Do I Process Single Touch Payroll When Moving From Another Payroll Program?
The ATO offers several methods to switch payroll providers when it comes to Single Touch Payroll, as explained here. We recommend the Zeroing Out Method (if your previous software allows it): Before you transfer the YTD (Year-to-Date) amounts to ... (Click for more)
What Can I Do If I’ve Been Notified That Some of My Employees Are Not Tax Ready?
If you have received a notification from the ATO stating that one or more of your employees are not tax ready, you are able to easily rectify this through a Single Touch Payroll Update event. This issue usually occurs because only a New event has be... (Click for more)
How Do I Process Single Touch Payroll?
From July 2019 the ATO will require that employers align ATO reporting with their pay schedule and submit employee YTD figures using the Single Touch Payroll reporting standard each time pays are made to employees. The only thing you need to do to b... (Click for more)
Why Can’t I Select Employees For Single Touch Payroll?
When submitting Single Touch Payroll you may discover that no employees are available for selection. This can be due to a couple of different reasons. Please check for updates (at the bottom of Lightning Payroll) and ensure you are on the very latest... (Click for more)
An STP Message Has Failed, What Do I Do Now?
If you look into your STP (Single Touch Payroll) mailbox and notice a message with a Failed status it may seem concerning but it almost never is a problem. There are several message statuses that you may see in the STP mailbox: Transmission Succes... (Click for more)
Why Aren't STP Totals Showing in the ATO Online Services Page?
All references below are taken from the ATO Single Touch Payroll Business Implementation Guide v3 (published May 2018). This is the official document used to implement business logic regarding Single Touch Payroll. Within the ATO's Online Services F... (Click for more)
Why is the ATO asking me to provide a software ID or Lightning Payroll's ABN?
When contacting the ATO for help regarding Machine Credentials, they may ask you to provide a software ID, or ask you for our ABN. As Lightning Payroll is desktop-based, we do not utilise software IDs for Single Touch Payroll. Desktop-based programs... (Click for more)
How Do I Process End of Year Using Single Touch Payroll?
Note: This method will only work for users who have submitted STP for at least one event throughout the financial year being reported. Before You Begin You will require a valid ATO Machine Credential. Lodgement Submit STP as usual, by saying yes ... (Click for more)
How Can I Renew My ATO Machine Credential?
Lightning Payroll can connect with the ATO's machine credential renewal service. This allows you to easily renew machine credentials used for sending Single Touch Payroll through to the ATO. You can renew your credentials under Tools >> Renew... (Click for more)
The ATO Said I Need To Get My Machine Credential From My Payroll Provider - Is That Right?
Lightning Payroll requires users to obtain an ATO machine credential keystore file so that they can send Single Touch Payroll from the software to the ATO each pay run. We often get calls from users requesting assistance with ATO machine credential ... (Click for more)
What is Single Touch Payroll?
Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a new initiative for reporting your employees' tax and super information to the ATO. It is required for all businesses to begin using STP from the 1st of July, 2019. STP is built into the latest version of Lightning Pay... (Click for more)
What is the Difference Between a New Event and an Update Event?
There are two types of STP messages you can send from Lightning Payroll, a New Event and an Update Event. A New Event is the most common submission type and is the recommended way to send Single Touch information to the ATO. It basically means you a... (Click for more)
How Do I Setup JobKeeper Payments in Lightning Payroll?
The JobKeeper payment is intended to provide wage subsidies to businesses that are significantly affected by COVID-19. It is to be administered by the ATO. 18/09/2020 Edit: JobKeeper has been extended until 28/3/2021, please see here for more inform... (Click for more)
How Do I Fix Errors Regarding JobMaker Hiring Credit In Lightning Payroll?
Note: Please click here to see how to setup JobMaker in Lightning Payroll as this FAQ assumes you are already using the scheme and related features in the software. The ATO have released a general JobMaker Troubleshooting Guide which you can access ... (Click for more)
Why Am I Receiving a Software Required Error in the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) site?
If you're attempting to create a machine credential in the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) but are receiving the following 'Software Required' message, you will need to ensure you have installed and enabled their ATOBE browser extension soft... (Click for more)
What Is Changing With The JobKeeper Extension?
The ATO have released rules and information relating to the JobKeeper extension. Please see their page on the topic here, or click here for the technical STP extension document. The main difference going forward into the JobKeeper extension periods ... (Click for more)
Why Does The ATO Think I Have More JobKeeper Employees Than I Actually Do?
The most likely cause of this issue is usually terminated employees who were originally receiving JobKeeper. This is a common issue and is due to a quirk in the way the ATO setup reporting the 'end' of claiming JobKeeper for an employee. When an em... (Click for more)
How Can I Renew or Register for an AUSkey?
AUSkeys have now been replaced by the ATO Machine Credential. The AUSkey service will be closed down on March 27th 2020. Please see here for information on getting a machine credential.... (Click for more)
What Can I Do if I Forget My Machine Credential Password?
If you have forgotten your machine credential keystore password there is unfortunately no way to reset it. The steps below are how you can most easily test your keystore password outside of Lightning Payroll, and fix the issue if you cannot remember ... (Click for more)
What Does It Mean If I Get An STP Error Code - CMN.ATO.AUTH.007
If you receive the STP error code CMN.ATO.AUTH.007 it means that the ATO credential used to make this Single Touch submission does not have sufficient permissions. To increase your credential permissions please contact the ATO or try the instruction... (Click for more)
How Can I Setup Single Touch Payroll?
Doing Single Touch Payroll is easy with Lightning Payroll. Usually you only need to make sure there is an ATO Machine Credential installed on the machine on which you run Lightning Payroll. If you already have your Machine Credential installed on y... (Click for more)
What does the Supplier Not Authorised - CMN.ATO.AUTH.008 Error mean?
If you receive the STP error code CMN.ATO.AUTH.008 it means that the Supplier credential or ABN used to make this Single Touch submission is not authorised to submit on behalf of the client or child company. Please see our FAQ on submitting STP as a... (Click for more)
How Do I Correct Incorrectly Reported JobKeeper Eligibility Dates?
If you have incorrectly reported an employee's JobKeeper eligibility period you may need to correct the STP JobKeeper Fortnight codes as described on the last page of this ATO document, and shown below. Regarding corrections of these JobKeeper flag ... (Click for more)
How Do I Submit Single Touch as a Supplier or Agent?
Single Touch Payroll messages can be sent from Lightning Payroll under three capacities: Submitting from a company directly (most common, default submission type). Submitting as a Business Intermediary - A business with the authorisation to ... (Click for more)
What Do The Single Touch Button Colours Mean?
The button colour highlights the result of the most recent Single Touch message response. Blue means that this pay currently has no messages sent. Grey means the message has been sent and awaiting response or that a new message has been received... (Click for more)
Why is Lightning Asking Me For a Location ID?
A Location ID is required by Lightning Payroll for PAYG reporting (STP and End of Year). This value is also known as a PAYG Branch ID. The default value is 1, which means your company has one PAYG Reporting branch. The ATO states that "A branch is f... (Click for more)
STP Invalid XML Error
If you are receiving an 'Invalid XML Error' when attempting to submit your Single Touch, it usually means that there is an issue with the personal information of the employee named in the error message. Examples of this include the employee's addres... (Click for more)
What Things Does Lightning Payroll Calculate?
Lightning Payroll is able to calculate your employees Super, Tax and Leave Accruals out of the box. Lightning uses the latest tax tables built in to calculate the correct tax amounts for each of your employees. To make sure the correct tax is calcul... (Click for more)
How Do I Enter Existing Year-to-Date Figures?
If you are beginning part way through a financial year and need to add existing year-to-date (YTD) figures for your employees, there are three options to do this: 1) The best and most accurate option is to enter all the previous pays for the financi... (Click for more)
What is a Direct Entry User ID?
When creating a direct entry payment file, or processing super you may be prompted for a User ID, which usually resides under Company >> Bank Account >> User ID. This is always a six digit number. For most major banks (ANZ, Westpac, NAB... (Click for more)
What Web Addresses and Domains Does Lightning Payroll Need To Communicate With?
Some users (such as many South Australian schools) require additional network configuration from their IT team to allow Lightning Payroll to properly function. The issue is mainly to do with network restrictions and blocked web addresses that Lightni... (Click for more)
As an Accountant, How Can I Use Lightning Payroll to Process Payroll For My Clients?
A Lightning Payroll subscription does not limit the number of companies you can have; it only limits the total number of employees across all companies, depending on the license level you have. In some circumstances, our customers share their subscri... (Click for more)
My Company is Changing ABN and/or Ownership, What Do I Need to Do?
Below is some information on how to handle a change of ABN within Lightning Payroll. Finalising For The Old ABN Before changing details over to the new company, you'll want to ensure Single Touch Payroll and super payments have been sent off for th... (Click for more)
How Do I Setup And Manage Different Users?
To further improve security, Lightning Payroll now allows you to create user profiles and set permissions for each user profile individually. This gives you complete control over who can access your Lightning Payroll and what data they can view or ac... (Click for more)
How Do I Make Payments Using a Direct Entry Banking File?
The quickest and most accurate way to make bulk payments through Lightning Payroll is by using a Direct Entry (.ABA) file. These files can be generated for pays and for super and then uploaded to most Australian banks, resulting in an automated, bat... (Click for more)
How Do I Install Lightning Payroll on a New, or Replacement Computer?
Installing Lightning Payroll on a replacement or additional computer is a four step process: 1) Downloading the program: Download and install the program using the appropriate link below: Download for Windows (Windows 8.1 and above)Downlo... (Click for more)
How Can I Set Up Awards, Classifications or Pay Rate Groups?
If you would like to configure award and/or classification information it can be done under the Company section, in the Awards and Pay Rate Groups tabs. The Awards tab lets you enter the basic award information. Only the name is a requirement.The Pa... (Click for more)
How Do I Get Started in Lightning Payroll?
If you are using Lightning Payroll for the very first time, there are a couple of steps you will need to follow to get up and running. Step 1. Add your Company The first step is to add your Company into Lightning Payroll. Lightning Payroll does not... (Click for more)
How Do I Connect Lightning Payroll to the Internet if I'm Behind an Authenticated Proxy?
If your company uses a network that involves an authenticated proxy you may have to enter settings under Settings >> Proxy to allow Lightning Payroll to access the internet. This means Lightning Payroll is able to... (Click for more)
How Do I Email Payslips or Payment Summaries from Lightning Payroll?
Lightning Payroll can email payslips and payment summaries to your employees, so long as you've configured the SMTP (outgoing email) server settings found under Company >> Email. Lightning Payroll acts as a basic email client which can log in ... (Click for more)
Can I Merge or Split Companies Across Databases/Backups?
Business entities cannot be merged between backups/databases, however they can be split up. Splitting databases might be useful in cases where a solid chain of backing up has not been achieved between multiple user PCs. To split entities into separa... (Click for more)
How Do I Add a New Employee or a New Company Entity?
Add a New Employee Below are some links which you may find helpful when a new employee starts working for you. New Employee Basic Information Sheet (PDF, Word Doc) ... (Click for more)
How Can I Add a New Employee?
Before you get started, it is recommonded you collect the following information from your new employee: Tax File Number (TFN) Bank account details (BSB, account name, account number) Super fund details (fund USI and employee's member number) ... (Click for more)
Can I Import Data Directly into Lightning Payroll?
Lightning Payroll cannot import or export payroll data directly from - or to - another program or application. If you are starting with Lightning Payroll after the current financial year has already begun, you can enter year-to-date (YTD) figures fo... (Click for more)
How Do I Enter Allowances?
Allowances for individual employees can be entered under Employees >> Allowances/Deductions >> Allowances using the green plus icon. If you have common allowances to share amongst your employees, you can create company allowances under C... (Click for more)
How Do I Setup Departments?
Departments can be configured in Lightning Payroll as a way for you to run reports on different cost centres within the application. Departments are created under Company >> Departments. Employees and their default pay % allocation can be ass... (Click for more)
How Do I Set Up Rostered Shifts in Lightning Payroll?
Lightning Payroll allows you to create shift types and schedule a roster for certain shifts and employees. These rostered shifts can then be used to fill-in your pays, saving time on data entry. Please click here for related timeclock information.... (Click for more)
Why Are My Reports Showing the Wrong Amounts?
Lightning Payroll generates pay-related reports by collecting any completed pays falling on or within the input date range. These will rely on the Pay Run End Date by default, unless the Use Processed Date option is ticked, in which case it will gene... (Click for more)
What Kind of Reports are Available in Lightning Payroll?
Lightning Payroll offers a full suite of easy-to-use reports that can be accessed via the Reports menu in the program. You can change the font size and colour and export to pdf using the buttons at the top of any print preview screen. Ready to use... (Click for more)
How Can I Delete A Custom Report?
You can delete custom reports you've made in the past as they become obsolete to your business needs. To delete a custom report, go to the Reports tab, then click on either Employee Report Builder or Pay Report Builder; wherever you created the cust... (Click for more)
Can I Process Pays In Advance?
If you would like to process pays in advance, you can do this by navigating to future pays using the 'Next Pay Run' button in the Pays screen. From there, you can edit and save the pay entries as normal for each employee. If the pays are being proc... (Click for more)
Where Can I Enter a Bonus or Other Irregular Gross Payment?
If you need to make an incentive, sales commission, Director's Fees, Return to Work payment, or any other miscellaneous gross payment to an employee, this can be done as a bonus in the program.If you are happy to use the label Bonus/Commission, ... (Click for more)
How Do I Edit Existing Payslips?
If you need to make corrections to an employee's payslip, you will need to navigate to the relevant pay run for which that payslip was issued. If the pay run was in the past, you can go back to earlier pay runs in the Pays menu by clicking the Last ... (Click for more)
How Do I Delete A Pay?
To delete an employee's pay, go to the Pays tab and into the pay run in question. Click on the Delete Pays button, and select the employees' pays you wish to delete. Confirm your actions and this will put the pays back into a pending status for lat... (Click for more)
How Can I Terminate an Employee (Detailed)?
For a basic termination, please see our FAQ here. The first screen of the termination assistant will ask you to enter the termination date and select a a reason for termination. With the exception of a genuine redundancy or other listed circumstance... (Click for more)
How Do I Process a Pay?
To process a pay or pay run in Lightning Payroll, click on the Pays button at the top of the Lightning Payroll window.   When you click on the Pays button, you will be taken to the current or most recent pay run. If you want to go back to an ... (Click for more)
How Does The Pays Screen Work?
The Pays screen is the heart and soul of Lightning Payroll. It is the source of almost all reporting and the source of almost all calculations in the program. Pending pays are auto-generated for the current and previous pay runs, when not already com... (Click for more)
How Can I Show Casual Loading On A Pay Rate?
For certain casual employees it may be necessary to display their base pay rate and their casual loading amounts within pays and payslips. This can be easily handled via a custom pay rate's description. Customised, secondary pay rates are added under... (Click for more)
How Can I Terminate an Employee (Basic)?
For a detailed termination, please see our FAQ here. To terminate an employee, go to Pays >> Edit Pay and click the Terminate Employee button (above the Save + Next button) on the bottom-right of the screen when e... (Click for more)
How Do I Enter A Public Holiday?
If a permanent employee is on leave, and not working on a public holiday you can enter this under Pays >> Edit Pay >> Edit Leave Taken using public holiday as the leave type. If an employee is working a public holiday and requires loadin... (Click for more)
Why Is An Employee Not Appearing In A Pay Run?
You might add a new employee or reinstate an old employee one day and find that they are not appearing in the current pay run. This might happen due to a few different things: Start date: Make sure their employment start date is not later than the... (Click for more)
How To Setup A Deduction?
To setup a deduction for an employee go to the Employees tab >> Select the Employee on the left hand side >> Click on Allowances & Deductions >> Deductions >> Click on the green plus symbol to add the deduction & Save.... (Click for more)
Which Reports Show JobKeeper Amounts?
The best way to gather JobKeeper payment information is via two different Lightning Payroll reports. They are: Allowances Report - This can show specific information on any JOBKEEPER-TOPUP allowances. These topup allowances should have been used o... (Click for more)
How Does Lightning Payroll Handle YTD Figures And Pay Processing Dates?
Prior to Lightning Payroll version 2021.5.0, when it came to applying a tax scale or assigning a financial year to a pay, the program was designed to use the pay period's end date over the pay's processing date. We have updated this to simplify and a... (Click for more)
How Do I Setup A Salary Sacrifice?
To add a Salary Sacrifice for an Employee you will find this under the Employees tab. Select the employee to the left of the screen. Click on Pay Settings >> Salary/Wage Sacrifice and click on the green plus symbol to add in the sacrifice &... (Click for more)
Where Do I Enter a Back Payment?
If you need to make a back payment to an employee, this can be done as follows.Simply edit the appropriate pay run for the employee under Pays, then click Edit Pay/s. Enter a back payment by clicking the Edit button beside Back Payment. You can t... (Click for more)
How to Enter WorkCover Payments
If an employee needs to receive WorkCover payments, you can set this up as a custom pay rate under Employees >> Pay Settings >> Special User Defined Pay Rates. Click on the green plus button to add a new custom pay rate. For the descript... (Click for more)
How Do I Print and/or Email Payslips?
Printing and/or emailing paylips is done from the Pays tab of the program. Once a pay has been saved to a Completed status, you're able to print a payslip for that particular pay by clicking on Payslips >> This Pay Run and ensuring either Print... (Click for more)
How Do I Create An Additional Pay?
To add a pay click on Create Pays, select the employee(s) whom you wish to record a pay for within that period. Then select the date you would like this pay to be processed or if it were a past pay, the date it was processed.The tickbox at the bottom... (Click for more)
How Do I Enter or Edit Past Pays?
To enter pays retrospectively in the program, you will need to go to the Pays tab, then hold down the Last Pay Run button on the left, and skip through to the pay period you'd like to start entering pays from. Once in the pay run you're after, you ca... (Click for more)
How Can I Reinstate A Terminated Employee?
If you would like to reinstate a terminated employee go to the Employees tab >> Click on Show Terminated Employees >> Select the employee you wish to reinstate >> Then click on Actions and Reinstate Employee.... (Click for more)
How Can I Change My Pay Run Dates?
If your pay run dates need to change for pays going forward, simply go into Company >> Pay Dates and click Edit. This will let you select the Pay Period End Date of the appropriate pay schedule (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) and the pay runs wi... (Click for more)
How Can I Adjust What is Shown on the Payslips?
If you would like to adjust what information is shown on payslips, you can do this for each employee in Employees > Pay Settings > Payslip Options. This section allows you to select what types of information can be shown on payslips including:... (Click for more)
Can I Add My Company Logo to the Payslips?
You can add your company logo to the payslips by going to the Pays screen, clicking the Payslips button and selecting 'Configure Payslip Logo'. Tick the box to turn Logos on and then select 'browse' to choose the image. You can adjust the height or ... (Click for more)
How Do I Add a Missing Employee Into a Pay Run?
You can add employees into a pay run they're missing from in the Pays tab, by clicking on Create Pays from the particular pay run they're missing from, selecting the employee/s to add, then clicking Create. By having Create Full Pay? ticked at the bo... (Click for more)
How Do I Create Additional Pay Rates For Employees?
It's possible to set up various additional pay rates for employees in Lightning either individually or in groups. To set up a pay rate to be applied to a single employee, go to Employees >> select the relevant employee from the list >> P... (Click for more)
How Do I Use Two-Factor Authentication With My Lightning Payroll Account?
In line with recent security updates from the ATO, we've introduced two-factor verification for all Lightning Payroll customers. This step further secures your account, protecting your personal information. You have two methods to choose from: email ... (Click for more)
I've Forgotten my Password for Online Backups
If you cannot remember your password to login to the online backups portal, you can reset it by clicking Forgotten Password. A reset code will be sent to your registered email address. You can then choose a new password, confirm the new password and... (Click for more)
Reset or Remove Application Password
If you would like to reset or remove the application password for Lightning Payroll, you can do this under Settings. To reset the password, go to Settings > Password and enter and confirm the new password you wish to use. To remove the existing ... (Click for more)
Why Can't I Login to this Website?
If you are a current paid subscriber to Lightning Payroll you can log in to your account at the client login link at the top of this page. If you have forgotten your password, please reset it here. If you are a trial user you will not yet have an on... (Click for more)
How Can I Check When My Subscription Expires?
When your annual subscription is within 60 days from expiration Lightning Payroll will remind you whenever you open the program. We don't automatically invoice our users. To manually check the expiration date on your Lig... (Click for more)
I Am Selling My Business. Can I Transfer My Subscription To The New Owner?
Yes, licenses can be transferred. The current license holder must send a written email request from their registered email to, specifying the new email and contact person to assign the license to. The ability to tran... (Click for more)
What Do I Do If I Need More Employees Throughout The Year?
Your number of employees may increase throughout the year. If you are within the first ten months of your annual subscription and need to increase your allowed employees you can upgrade your subscription to the next level. If you are in the last two ... (Click for more)
How Can I Renew, or Upgrade My Subscription?
To renew your annual subscription, you will first need to login using your email and account password. If you are unable to login, you should reset your password. ... (Click for more)
How Can I Disable Auto-Renewals?
If you would like to disable the Auto-Renewal feature for your subscription, you are able to do so by logging in to the Client Portal on our website. From here, click on the Update Credit Card & Auto Renewals option. On this page, you can untick R... (Click for more)
Why Is Lightning Payroll Asking Me For My Licence Details?
After opening Lightning Payroll, you may occasionally be prompted to enter your licence details. This will occur if your subscription has expired, but it can also occur from time to time for security reasons, and to ensure that you're running the lat... (Click for more)
What Is The Difference Between Full Paid Licence, Trial Licence and Read-Only (Unlicenced) Modes?
Lightning Payroll can operate in three different licensing modes: Full/Paid (Full access within the limits of allowed total employees for the chosen pricing tier) Trial (Cannot restore backups or use online features, but fully editable) Unlicenc... (Click for more)
How Many Computers Can Use An Annual Subscription?
Each Lightning Payroll annual subscription is able to be used by two computers (Windows or Mac) at any one time. The data is not automatically shared though, as Lightning Payroll is a desktop application, but it can be easily transferred via the nume... (Click for more)
How Can I Remove My Subscription From Existing Lightning Payroll Installations So That It Can Be Installed On A New Computer?
Any annual Lightning Payroll subscription allows you to unlock and use the program on two computers at any one time. If Lightning Payroll is giving you either of the following errors you will need to clear one or both of your two allowed seats from ... (Click for more)
Why is the Trial Version Asking for Licence Details?
If you have downloaded the free trial and you are being prompted enter licence details, it is likely you have already used the trial previously on the same computer. The trial lasts for 30 days from the first time you run the trial version. If your ... (Click for more)
I Have Paid For My Licence What Happens Next?
Once you have paid for your annual subscription you will receive an Invoice through to your registered email address with a new subscription ID. To enter the new subscription details into Lightning Payroll go to Tools >> Licence Assistant >... (Click for more)
Signature Invalid For Licence Error
If you are getting a Signature Invalid For Licence error when trying to enter your licence details, this means one of two things: Your subscription has expired and you will need to renew your licence to continue using the program as normal; or, O... (Click for more)
When An Employee Attends Jury Duty How Can I Handle Make Up Pay?
When an employee attends Jury Duty, they are usually paid by the court. In many circumstances, they are eligible for make-up pay. Fair Work Australia describes eligibility and make-up pay here. The image below is an example they provide:  Ma... (Click for more)
How Do I Set Up Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave in Lightning Payroll?
A recent federal law now requires employers to provide Paid Family and Domestic Violence leave, which amounts to 10 days in a 12-month period. You can read more about this legislation here. The new leave entitlement will be available from: 1 Feb... (Click for more)
How Do I Enter Paid Parental Leave, Unpaid Leave or Worker's Compensation Payments?
If an employee is on paid parental leave (commonly known as maternity leave), unpaid leave or on leave whilst receiving workers compensation, there are  paid parental, unpaid and worker's compensation leave types that can be selected when p... (Click for more)
How Can I Setup Leave Requests?
Before your employees can make leave requests through our online employee portal you must have activated their online portal settings under Employees >> Details >> Online Portal. The two main settings you will need for leave reques... (Click for more)
How Do I Correct or Adjust Leave Totals?
If one or more of an employee's leave balances have accrued incorrectly, or have been set up incorrectly, they can be corrected in a number of ways. We would recommend using our new Recalculate Leave on Pays Tool which can be found in the Tools menu... (Click for more)
How Do I Pay Leave?
To process leave for an employee, go into the Pays section of the program and then click the Edit Pay button for the employee taking leave. In the Leave tab you can use the green plus button to add a new leave item, or the pencil icon to edit an ex... (Click for more)
How Do I Enter Existing Leave Balances?
If you are new to Lightning Payroll and setting up an employee with existing leave balances, you can enter your these amounts in their first pay. Once you have gone into the Edit Pay screen for an employee, you will see the Leave Balances Edit butt... (Click for more)
How Does Lightning Payroll Calculate Leave Accruals?
Leave accruals in Lightning Payroll can be controlled by configuring an individual employee's settings under Employees >> Leave >> Leave Settings. Accruals can be made to occur by the pay period or by the hours worked (pro rata). Note: L... (Click for more)
How Is Leave Affected by JobKeeper?
For detailed information on accruing and taking leave when receiving JobKeeper payments please see the Fair Work Australia website. Common scenarios they reference are below. Requesting employees to take annual leave If an employer asks their emplo... (Click for more)
How Do I Add Additional or Custom Leave Types?
You can set up custom leave types in the program for things like RDOs, Time in Lieu, and Bereavement Leave by going to Company >> Leave Balance >> Create Leave Balance and creating the leave type here. Once the leave type exists in this a... (Click for more)
What Are The Main Differences Between The Lightning Payroll Desktop and Web Applications?
  Web Application Only Features Tools: Header Search : Search for program sections, features and support documentation from anywhere in the app. Recenty Visited : View recent history of app areas visited to conveniently navigate back to wh... (Click for more)
How Can I Update to the Latest Version of Lightning Payroll?
Lightning Payroll is a desktop program for Windows and Mac OSX computers. We frequently update the software with new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. These updates usually get released every two to four weeks and install themselves v... (Click for more)
How Can I Check What Version of the Software My Computer is Running?
You can check which version of the software you're using at the bottom of the Lightning Payroll program window. You can check if your version is the most current by clicking Check for updates now? at the bottom of your program. Click here to find... (Click for more)
How Can I Pay For My Annual Subscription?
You can pay for your annual subscription over the phone with us, or through our website via Client Login >> My Account >> View/Renew/Upgrade Subscriptions.We accept Visa or Mastercard credit card payments only.... (Click for more)
Where I Can Access Early Releases of an Upcoming Lightning Payroll Version?
Occasionally we provide users with early beta access to upcoming versions of Lightning Payroll. These future releases can be downloaded from the following links: Windows Prerelease Download (64 bit) Windows Prerelease Download (32 bit) Mac Prerele... (Click for more)
Where Can I See a Demo of Lightning Payroll?
Here is a demonstration of how to process a pay in Lightning Payroll. Check out more on our Youtube channel. ... (Click for more)
What History Tracking Tools Are Available In Lightning Payroll?
Did you know that there are several tools in Lightning Payroll to help you track changes made to your data and files? Below are some of the main ones: Change History (Under the upper Tools menu) The Change History tool records the creation, deletio... (Click for more)
What Are the System Requirements and/or Limitations of Lightning Payroll?
Compatible Operating Systems Lightning Payroll is a desktop application compatible with Windows 8.1 (and above) and Mac OSX 10.14 (Mojave) and above. We only support these operating systems.The software is not designed for or tested on server-based ... (Click for more)
What are the Different Employment States?
Employees can have different states or statuses in Lightning Payroll. These states are 'Active', 'Inactive', 'Terminated' and 'Deleted'. These are explained in detail below. Active: an active employee is one who is currently working and being includ... (Click for more)
Can I Install The Program On Multiple Computers?
A Lightning Payroll subscription allows you to download the program onto two separate computers. However, the two installations do not talk to each other automatically, and do not allow simultaneous use. Keeping in mind that Lightning Payroll is a de... (Click for more)
What Options Are Available When Emailing Employees?
Lightning Payrolls also allows you to configure additional preferences for emailing employees. To view this options, go to Employees > Details > Email Options. In this menu, you have the following options: Alternate email: Entering another... (Click for more)
Can I Purchase Lighting Payroll For Less Than A Year?
Lightning Payroll is only available as an annual subscription. There is no option for a subscription term less than one year.... (Click for more)
Will I Lose The Data I've Entered When My Trial Expires?
As Lightning Payroll is a desktop-based application, the data you enter into your free trial will be saved on the computer you've been working on, even after your free trial expires. This means that if you decide to purchase the program after the fre... (Click for more)
How Can I Set Birthday Reminders?
If you would like to create a birthday reminder for an active employee go to Settings >> Reminders. Click on the box next to Birthday Reminders On, which is located at the bottom left of this screen. Select how many days notice you wish to have... (Click for more)
How Can I Import Data Into Lightning Payroll?
Lightning Payroll is not able to import data from any other software. All data will have to be entered into the program manually.... (Click for more)
Where Can I View Order History and Tax Invoices for Licence Payments?
You can view your licence order history, as well as print and download .pdf copies of your tax invoice/s for licence payment via our website. You will need to login to Client Login on our website, then click on My Account, then click View Your Order ... (Click for more)
How Can I Purchase Lightning Payroll?
To purchase an annual Lightning Payroll subscription it just involves going to the 'Buy Now' page of our website, choosing a licence to suit your needs from the options available, registering an account and making payment. Once your payment has ... (Click for more)
Where Can I Find The Latest End Of Year Checklist?
Click here to see the latest Lightning Payroll EOFY checklist mailer. This gets emailed out to all active users each June.... (Click for more)
Do I Still Need To Provide Payment Summaries (PAYG Summaries) With The Transition To Single Touch Payroll?
Payment Summaries, also known as group certificates, have been an important document for employees in Australia, summarising their income and tax withheld. But with the introduction of Single Touch Payroll (STP) by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO... (Click for more)
How Can I Tell If My Employees Are STP-Finalised or Tax Ready?
Lightning Payroll has a Single Touch report to give you quick information on which employees have been marked as finalised with the ATO for a financial year under Reports >> (General) STP Finalised Employees. This report has many other function... (Click for more)
Why Don't My Report Amounts Match My STP Submission?
You may notice that some amounts in the STP reports (Detailed and Summary) do not match gross totals in the Group Tax or Pay Summary reports. This is likely due to one of the following reasons: Since STP 2.0 (released in January 2022), gross amoun... (Click for more)
How Can I Run End of Year via SBR?
Lightning Payroll no longer includes the ability to submit End of Year figures via SBR as this technology has now been replaced by Single Touch Payroll. Please see here for more information on STP and other lodgement options.... (Click for more)
How Can I Print Payment Summaries/Group Certificates?
Normally you'd print or email payment summaries at the same time as you lodge with the ATO, but they can be accessed separately any time of the year, and as many times as you like. Lightning Payroll doesn't 'close anything off' in the End of Year s... (Click for more)
End of Year via EMPDUPE
Submitting end of year using the EMPDUPE method. Using the ATO’s Online Services for Business by submitting an EMPDUPE/ECI file. Here's a tutorial video demonstrating how to generate an EMPDUPE file using Lightning Payroll's End of Year ass... (Click for more)
How Do I Process EOFY and Lodge With the ATO?
Currently, the ATO allows the following methods of lodgment for your annual PAYG payroll activity. You must lodge the report by July 31st if using STP. The ATO's EOFY lodgement options are: Online via Lightning Payroll using Single Touch Payroll... (Click for more)
How Can I Enter an Additional RESC/Super amount for EOFY?
If you need to make a one-off topup of RESC super for the end of financial year, this can be done two different ways. The difference being whether you are ready to pay the rest of June's compulsory super  for those same employees, at the same ti... (Click for more)
How Do I Change Financial Year Dates?
By default, Lightning Payroll takes care of your financial year start and end dates. These default to 1/7 -30/6 each year. Whether a pay falls into one financial year or another should typically be determined by the pay's processed date. Please see o... (Click for more)
Why Doesn't An Allowance Appear Separately On An Employee's PAYG Figures?
If an allowance an employee has been receiving throughout the financial year is not showing up in their PAYG figures as itemised, this can be amended with the following steps: Firstly, the allowance should be marked as Itemised under Employees >&... (Click for more)
How Can I Edit Payment Summaries?
If you need to make adjustments to payment summaries, click the Advanced button on the Payment Summaries screen. You can then change the values as needed. If you wish to undo any manual adjustments made in this screen, simply click on the Refresh ... (Click for more)
End of Year via Paper Form Submission
Submitting end of year on paper (by post) If you would like to lodge your annual payment summary report on paper, you can do so using the ATO’s paperwork. If you haven’t received a stationary pack from the ATO and wish to submit on pape... (Click for more)
What If I Have Trouble Viewing This Support Page?
If you are having trouble viewing these FAQs, please try the following tips: Perform a 'hard refresh' by holding the shift key while refreshing the page. Opening this webpage using a newer version of Chrome or Firefox. Enabling Javascript - See ... (Click for more)
How Can I Set Up Online Backups?
Lightning Payroll has a built-in Online Backups feature which provides a way for you to easily save your important payroll data to the cloud. These online backups are encrypted and s... (Click for more)
How Can Restoring A Backup Delete Pay Data?
By default, Lightning Payroll opens up to look like it did when it was last closed down. If you share data between two computers (as each subscription allows) you will need to be responsible with managing your data's continuity. If your colleague doe... (Click for more)
How Can I Backup My Lightning Payroll Data?
Since Lightning Payroll is a desktop application, the data is safely stored in your own computer. We recommend you make yourself familiar with the backup features in the program. Online backups are a great way to store an off-site, secure backup of ... (Click for more)
Why Is The Program Freezing When I Restore A Backup?
If your program is freezing when restoring backups this may be due to an invalid auto-backup location. Please try the following:Go to Settings >> Backups and either untick the box to automatically backup your data to the computer or manually se... (Click for more)
Why Can't I Restore a Backup File?
Usually a backup (.lpb) file can be restored under the Tools menu of Lightning Payroll. If the Restore Backup option is greyed out or unavailable then you are on a trial licence. This option is only available to users on a paid subscription to the so... (Click for more)