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Gmail Sending Issues Due To Increased Google Security Requirements

As at the end of May, Google has discontinued the sending of emails from 'less secure apps'. This is described here on their website.

To fix the issue so that you can continue sending emails through Lightning Payroll via Gmail, click here to learn how to set up an App Password.

Alternatively if you are using emailing for payslips only in Lightning Payroll, you can now make payslips available to employees via this website's online employee portal as described here.

- 15/06/2022

Legacy Version Information

We have recently updated Lightning Payroll with the very latest libraries and base software. This was done to keep up with recent Mac and Windows updates, keeping the program secure and greatly improving performance.

As a result of these updates we've had to drop support for Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.12 and Mac OSX 10.13 operating systems.

We understand it can take some time to upgrade or replace your computer so we have added the latest critical updates (including 2022-23 tax and super changes) into a legacy version of Lightning Payroll. These legacy versions of Lightning Payroll will be fine to use for the next financial year, but we will not be able to support them beyond this.

If you are on one of the above unsupported operating systems, download the legacy installer for your system below. Once you update your computer, Lightning Payroll will reactivate downloads and get you back onto the very latest versions automatically.

- 08/06/2022

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