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AUSkeys Have Been Replaced By The ATO Machine Credential

AUSkeys are now a thing of the past. The ABR and ATO are decommissioning AUSkeys on April 1st 2020. M2M Credentials, otherwise known as Machine Credentials are the new way to identify yourself digitally with the ATO and within Lightning Payroll. These are fully handled by the ATO now, and not given by the Australian Business Register.

For instructions on getting your Machine Credential please visit .

- 20/11/2019

Updating Fails for Some Users

Usually clicking Check for Updates Now? at the bottom of the main program window takes care of this, but in some cases this does not work and the program simply reopens to the same version (typically 2019.1.1p10).

If updating fails for some reason, you can download the latest version directly from the links below:

(Your data is safe and will not be affected by reinstallation)

Download for Windows (Windows 7 and above)
Download for Mac OSX (Version 10.12 and above)

- 22/10/2019

Difficulty Getting an AUSkey?

It is not uncommon to struggle with registering or renewing an AUSkey via the Australian Business Register.

Also, if you are being told you need a product ID, an SSID or to be linked to our ABN by the ATO/ABR, this is incorrect. You simply need an AUSkey on your payroll PC.

If you are having difficulty getting an AUSkey, please try going through our instructions below:

  • Visit the AUSkey registration page.
  • Click the big Register for an AUSkey button at the bottom of the page.
  • Complete the required registration form (clicking Next through each page).
  • Note the verification code shown at the end of the form process.
  • Follow the instructions to click the link in the AUSkey email you should then receive.
  • Follow the prompts to enter your verification code and download your AUSkey. (Most users will need to install AUSkey software to finish this step, which can be a bit tricky. There are many AUSkey software options there, so if you're having no luck with one particular option, try another). We recommend using Firefox and ensuring that the AUSkey browser extension software the ABR requires has been enabled in your browser settings.
  • If you had to download the AUSkey software onto your browser, go back to your email and re-click the link from the previous steps. You should then be prompted for your verification/activation code provided at the end of the registration form (mentioned above).

Both Standard and Administrator AUSkeys are acceptable so long as they have STP PAYEVNT permissions activated within the ATO Access Manager.

For any further help and support with AUSkeys please contact the AUSkey support team on 1300 AUSKEY (1300 287 539).

- 25/07/2019

End of Year and Single Touch Checklist

Click here to download our 2019 End of Year Checklist for information on STP, AUSkeys, updating your software and more.

- 03/07/2019

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